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What medications are safe in pregnancy?

There are plenty of medications which can be safely taken in pregnancy, but only under supervision.


Amongst the common drugs, although Paracetamol is safe, Ibuprofen should not be taken.Check with the pharmacy or the doctors prior to any medication.

The Australian categorisation system for prescribing medicines in pregnancy is available as a guide , however should be used only in conjecture with advice from your doctor.  As a rule :

  • Human data are lacking or inadequate for drugs in the B1, B2 and B3 Subcategorisation of the B category is based on animal data.

  • The allocation of a B category does not imply greater safety than a C category Medicines in category D are not absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy (e.g.anticonvulsants)

What foods should I avoid?

soft cheeses, coleslaw, unwashed vegetables, processed meats (unless cooked) and raw or smoked seafood may rarely contain the bacteria Listeria. Food should be properly cooked and reheating should also be complete.Salads need to be cleaned properly. Sushi is not allowed and steaks should be well done. 

Any special care of pets ?

Cats an be affected by Toxoplasmosis , which is a parasite  and can cause teratogenicity(abnormal congenital effects )in the babies.It is excreted in cat litter and to reduce the risks of infection, it is important not to handle  cat litter during pregnancy or use gloves and thorough hand washing afterwards. Gloves should be used while gardening and  thorough hand washing when finished. Raw meat can also contain the toxoplasmosis parasite and should be avoided.

Pets can rarely have flu and contact should be avoided if actively sick.

Can I Exercise in preganancy ?

If you are not doing exercise prior to pregnancy, then pregnancy is not the time to start, however, moderated amount of exercise is beneficial. Pregnancy can tire you easily and taking long walks is recommended to keep active, It also helps in strengthening the bones and increasing lung tolerance. Avoid treadmills, or any exercise which has chances of injury, especially if the baby is growing. Swimming and queue exercises are safe as are pregnancy Pilates. Upper body exercises and weights are safe.


Vigorous exercising is generally not advised especially if complications in pregnancy. 

What about Travel ?

Travel and flying in pregnancy are generally safe and not restricted for medical reasons at any gestation. Airlines have restrictions for flying after 34 wks usually and it is better to check before planning any trips, You will need a fit to fly certificate, either on the airline form or from the doctor, prior to boarding

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