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Dr Kaul - Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and IVF specialist

"Having had exposure to a multicultural and international Womens Health Units across different continents has given me a holistic view of different dynamics and cultural awarenesses.


My outlook revolves around catering to conservative values as well as liberal, idealism as well as rebellion, and ultimately having a non-judgemental, supportive and broad-minded approach to patient care.  


The current patient is  smart and net savvy , and has information support from internet etc , hence they would like guidance on options and deserve an empathetic, compassionate yet informative guidance with availability and easy accessibility.”

DR. Virochana Kaul


Dr Virochana Kaul is an experienced Obstetrician , Gynaecologist and IVF specialist who offers a holistic , compassionate , evidence based care with support and easy accessibility.



Virochana had her early training at one of the premier institutes in India--PGIMER--having meritoriously attained admission to the coveted institute through sheer hard work and focus. A rigorous training and multidisciplinary exposure flamed the desire to serve, help and cure with an evidence based approach. The high volume of complicated obstetrics and gynaecology at the tertiary institute exposed her to a variety of disciplines including oncology, sub fertility, high risk obstetrics and gynaecology. Exposure to teaching and peer review publications ignited a deep seated passion to teach, review, and publish data which has continued to date. After a series of appointments as a lecturer in a teaching University, she pursued her dream of clearing MRCOG, subsequent to which she worked as a Specialist in the Middle East for 5 years, working in state-owned hospitals offering high risk obstetric services, gynaecology, and IVF with deliveries of 15000 per year. She migrated to Australia, getting her FRANZCOG shortly after, and did 3 years of Fellowship in IVF.

Virochana works as a Consultant at Eastern Health and is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Deakin University and Monash University. She is actively involved in teaching and mentoring and is a training supervisor at the College for Specialist Trainees In O&G, as well as Overseas Trainees. She is an examiner at the college, committed to giving back to the college and students as much as she can. She has published and presented at national and international conferences and is actively involved in research and publications.


She works as a private obstetrician, gynaecologist and IVF specialist at Mitchams, Knox Hospital and Northpark. She has consulting suites at Mitchams, Epworth Richmond, Boronia and Northpark, delivering at Mitcham, Knox and Northpark Hospital and works on Saturdays, making herself available to patients at their convenient locations. She is affiliated with Monash IVF, providing excellence in care for conception. She offers continued care in pregnancy and delivery. Her training in endocrinology and sub fertility has extended her expertise to treatment of perimenopause and menopause, as well as extended her profiency in HRT, management of PMS, care through menopause and beyond, providing a continuation in care to achieve an optimal outcome.

Virochana, besides English, can also speak Hindi, Kashmiri, Dogri, Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic.

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