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First visit


  • Full Blood Count (FBC), Blood Group and Antibodies , Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Rubella and HIV) as currently recommended.

  • Thyroid function testing, Ferritin ( blood iron level), Vitamin D, Varicella Immunity( Chicken Pox), Parvo Virus ( Slapped Cheek)

  • Midstream urine collection (to check for infection)

  • Pap smear (if not performed within last 2 years)

  • Dating ultrasound scan 


20-22 weeks


Anatomy ultrasound scan of the baby to check its growth, to look for any abnormalities of its development and identify the placental position.

26-28 weeks

  • Gestational diabetes screening

  • FBC

  • Blood Group antibodies

36 weeks 

  • FBC, Blood Group antibodies

  • Screening for “Group B Strep” by vaginal swab



Other investigations/interventions


  • Down’s syndrome screening is offered to all women.. This will be discussed with you further at your initial consultation.

  • Anti D immunoglobulin injection at 26 weeks and 34 weeks for women with a negative blood group Women . 

  • Other tests are performed according to your individual circumstance

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