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"You are welcome to have additional appointments and your partner and family is welcome to join in.


Obstetrics is unpredictable in nature and although every effort is made to run to schedule, sometimes there are delays and unavailability, for which every effort will be made to contact and not inconvenience you. I understand time is important for everybody and every appointment needs planning .Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated and if there is a delay for you to attend to late running, please call and inform as early as you can.


Whatever the emergency, drive safe! "

 8-10 weeks 

Initial appointment with assessment, planning ,investigations 

Discussion regarding screening for chromosomal abnormalities

Tests available: Non invasive prenatal testing versus Maternal Serum Screening

 11-13 weeks 

NT screening 

Discussion regarding food, vaccination, exercises, antenatal classes

 14 weeks 

Review with scan and planning for a morphology scan 

Assessment for early sugar screening 

 20 weeks 

Quickening (first perception of baby movement )

Review the scan

GTT planning 

 28 weeks 

Review results of blood tests

Check antibodies: need for Anti D

Check up for BP, weight, growth 

Discussion regarding Whooping cough vaccination

 32 weeks and bi-weekly till delivery 

Regular visits for BP, growth , weight check

Discussion regarding delivery

Birth plans

Options of pain relief

 36 weeks 

GBS Screening 

 Post - Natal Visit  

Review 6 wks to assess Mum and Bubs progress 

Mental health for mother

Breast feeding

Lactation amenorrhea


Baby health

Spacing and planning for next pregnancy.

Pap smear if needeed

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